TABLE, from the DREAM RoomArt collection, comes as a stylishly practical complement to fine dining. A TABLE DREAM is a panel of free-falling, translucent strips that skim the floor lightly. This running panel is attached along the outer edges of a table to form a table-skirt. With its open structure the TABLE DREAM allows maximum mobility for limbs, also reducing the risk of mishaps caused by moving feet snagging the hems of long table cloths.

As wrap-around table skirts they are suitable for all standard table sizes and shapes. The TABLE DREAM are deliverd with a table-liner or without.

TABLE DREAMs are made for a wide array of :

Styles: Pick from a standard selection of 14 colors*).

Sizes: 74cm (standard) height and all width.

Forms: With the standard straight hem or special shaped-hems*) *)

For special requirements in size, form and design, refer to Multistyle under SPECIAL.

TABLE DREAM has a concealed velcro attachment along the back which fastens the skirt to the DREAM table-liner or directly to the table or table cover.

DREAM TABLE is machine washable at 30° in a laundry bag.

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