Inspired by the unique aesthetics of traditional Japanese design, DREAM LINEA brings a simplistic,natural approach to interior decoration.

The clean, straight lines, the minimalistic blend of form and function, all contributes to creating a look of uncluttered serenity.

This purity of style makes Linea compatible not only with the simple lines of a Japanese or a Bauhaus decor, but with all kinds of modern interiors. As a screen, LINEA functions as a space-divider or curtain, both stationary and flexible. LINEA also works beautifully as a reversible backing for AURAS or FREESTYLE.

A DREAM LINEA panel is formed of several smaller panels of 20-33 cm width, their sides lightly fastened at regular intervals. A Linea panel  has a standard Height of 100 - 320cm and widths of  60 or 70cm. MULTISTYLE offers the possibility for all types of measures and forms.


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