D-LIGHTs, from the RoomArt collection, is a singular blend of function and fantasy.
Overlapping tiers of textures, shapes and colors juxtapose to create striking forms which hold their own, even without the added brilliance of incandescence. Turn it on, only to watch these forms and colors merge, transforming into pure magic.

D-LIGHTs is made of layers of translucent strips attached along the rim of an acrylic disc. They are available as Pendant/Hanging lamps, Stand Lamps or Ceiling Lamps. They can also be custom-made to suit any of your requirements of size and design (35cm to 270cm heights andup to 100cm Ø).

D-LIGHTs are made to stand out, making extraordinary accents for any setting.

There are 5 basic silhouettes, each D-LIGHTs has its own distinctive profile and a range of 14 colors to pick from. There is something here to light up every theme.
Every D-LIGHTs is easy to care for. The soft Velcro attachment allows the shell to be detached from the main disc easily, machine washed (30°) and just as simply, remounted


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LIGHTs are manufactured also as LIGHTs unique individually from 36cm to 270cm height and up to Ø 100cm.