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FREESTYLE from the DREAM CURTAIN line, offers the maximum flexibility of function.

It is a walk-through panel with strips which free-float their way down to an open hem, bringing a look of freshness and grace wherever it hangs. As this design celebrates light and space in a wonderful way, it is best used in a setting which offers enough of both.

FREESTYLEs function well as window or door, curtains & space-dividers for interiors, as screens for showers or indoor pools or even as wall hangings and focal-points.

FREESTYLEs are made in a wide array of :

Styles: Select from 24 colors, 2 textures and unlimited combinations.
Sizes: 76-350cm heights and all widths
Forms: Regular straight edged curtains, slant-headed gable-roof curtains or with specific shaped-hems.

Suitable for any type of curtain rod, panel track or velcro attachment. FREESTYLE is easy to hang up and take down due to its concealed Rod pocket (C- Head) that opens along the width of the curtain.

FREESTYLE is machine washable at 30°in a laundry bag.

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